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This isn't just "my" story, but "our" story.

"My" story begins with the chapter where I spent 10 years of working in the Film + Entertainment Industry as an International Publicist for Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Animation Studio, and the Bravo Channel. I have traveled the world (literally!) promoting major blockbuster films, and have been fortunate enough to work with the biggest actors and directors of all time; and all while putting on glamorous premieres and events in the most beautiful countries. It was a dream job!

"My" story became "our" story in 2014 when I was blessed with my beautiful baby girl, Everly Lorrayne.  Her arrival was not ordinary in anyway and Everly was diagnosed with a rare birth defect in her esophagus making it impossible to eat at birth unless corrected by surgery.  We picked up and went to Boston to have Everly and seek the treatment she needs by a particular surgeon. We spent everyday for 5 months in a hospital before we were finally able to bring our sweet baby home. It was during that time when I knew "my" story had ended, and that it was beginning of "ours..."

Everly taught me there is no time to wait to do what you are truly passionate about, which is why I'm now proud to be a full-time wedding and event planner.  I have an eye for design and styling all things pretty, a mind for logistics and planning and a passion for creating an event that tells your story.


That's "our" story, I hope I can be part of "yours".


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